Remo Tulliani Black Multi Seneca Socks

Remo Tulliani Black Multi Seneca Socks

$ 19.00

Designed for ultimate performance, these USA-made socks feature a cushioned footbed, arch support, ventilated sides and toe, and a comfortable, non-binding top. Crafted from the exclusive Remo Tulliani Yarn, known for its odor and abrasion resistance. Elevate your comfort and style with every step.

* For Shoes sizes from 8 to 18
* Brick Pattern
* Cushioned Foot Bed
* Arch Support
* Ventilated Side and Toe
* Comfort Non-Binding Top
* Odor and abrasion resistant Yarn
* Made in USA
* SKU: 318106 BLK Multi

How to Style

For a sophisticated look, pair them with dress shoes and tailored trousers. Combine them with loafers and well-fitted jeans to embrace a more casual vibe. These versatile socks elevate your comfort and style, making them suitable for any occasion.