Marco Di Milano Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers
Marco Di Milano Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers
Marco Di Milano Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers
Marco Di Milano Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers
Marco Di Milano Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers

Marco Di Milano Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers

$ 635.00


* Crafted from fully genuine alligator skin for a luxurious and distinctive appearance.
* Beautiful polished hand finish enhances the natural texture and color.
* Silver tone metal bit with the signature Marco Di Milano ornament adds contemporary flair.
* Full leather lining ensures enduring comfort, making them suitable for extended wear.
* Durable and comfortable rubber outsole provides stability and a confident walk.
* Handmade in North America.
* This brand fits slightly larger. Consider ordering full-size down.


Introducing the Fabro Caiman Grey Loafers, a testament to the marriage of style and exotic allure. These stylish alligator bit loafers are designed to elevate your fashion statement with sophistication and refinement.

Crafted from fully genuine alligator skin, the Fabro showcases the unique and luxurious texture of this exotic material. The captivating grey hue adds a contemporary touch, making these loafers a distinctive choice for those who appreciate unparalleled craftsmanship.

The beautiful polished hand finish not only enhances the natural texture of the alligator skin but also brings out the subtle variations in color, creating a refined aesthetic that sets them apart. The silver tone metal bit, featuring the signature Marco Di Milano ornament, adds a touch of contemporary flair, striking the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Step into enduring comfort with the full leather lining, ensuring a plush and comfortable experience even during extended wear. The durable and comfortable rubber outsole is crafted to provide stability and a confident walk, making these loafers not just a style statement but a practical choice for various occasions.

How to Style:

Dress up your favorite jeans or slacks with the Fabro Caiman Grey, infusing a sophisticated touch into your everyday ensemble. Whether you're attending a social event or aiming for a polished casual look, these alligator bit loafers will be the focal point of your distinguished style. Embrace the allure of exotic elegance with each step.

About the brand

Marco Di Milano stands as a beacon of unparalleled craftsmanship, weaving together decades of expertise and a dedication to timeless elegance. Rooted in the heart of North America, our family owned luxury footwear brand has been crafting genuine exotics for nearly four decades. Merging ageold techniques with modern innovation, our artisans meticulously handpaint each pair, creating a unique fusion of classic sophistication and contemporary flair. With a commitment to comfort and an unwavering passion for finer shoes, Marco Di Milano invites men to embrace a distinctive style that transcends trends and embodies enduring quality.